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Wood Newton

*16-09-1946 Hampton, AR
By Praguefrank

Ca August 1978 Nashville, TN – Wood Newton (Producer: Even Stevens)
001 LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL  Elektra E 46013 /6E-176   
002 I GOTTA GET BACK TO YOU  Elektra 6E-176  
003 SO EASY FOR YOU  Elektra E 46537 /6E-176  
004 JULIE  Elektra E 46059 /6E-176  
005 CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS  Elektra 6E-176  
006 DREAMS OF DESIRE  Elektra E 46013 /6E-176  
007 LOVE THE HURT AWAY  Elektra E 46537 6E-176  
008 TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE  Elektra E 45528 /6E-176  
009 THE LAST EXIT FOR LOVE  Elektra E 45528 /6E-176   
010 COTTON PICKIN' TIME  Elektra E 46059 /6E-176   


Elektra 6E-176 Wood Newton: Lock, Stock And Barrel;  I Gotta Get Back To You; So Easy For You; Julie; California Christmas; Dreams Of Desire; Love The Hurt Away; Too Good To Be True; Last Exit For Love;  Cotton Pickin' Time – 28-03-79 

Elektra (1978-79)               
E 45528 The Last Exit For Love / Too Good To Be True - 10-78
E 46013 Lock Stock And Barrel / Dreams Of Desiree - 02-79
E 46059 Julie / Cotton Pickin' Time - 06-79
E 46537 So Easy For You / Love The Hurt Away - 09-79

Joe Nichols

Joseph Edward Nichols, *26-11-1976 Rogers, AR
2nd version

by Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst

1996 Sixteen Aevnue Sound, Nashville, TN - Joe Nichols (Scott Sanders [steel], Terry Mcmillan [harp], Larry Franklin [fiddle], Jim Collins [bck vcl]. Producer: Randy Edwards)
001 LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
002 SHE COULD CARE LESS Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
003 IN SPITE OF MYSELF Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
004 SIX OF ONE, HALF A DOZEN (OF THE OTHER) Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
005 TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH I LIED Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
006 INDEPENDENT GIRL Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
007 I HATE THE WAY I LOVE YOU Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
008 WAL-MART PARKING LOT SOCIAL CLUB Intersound 9147/9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
009 OLD CHEYENNE Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
010 I'M NOT THAT KIND OF GUY Intersound 9197-2 Row Music Group 8205 Aspirion 16
ca March 2002 Ocean Way Nashville, 1200 17th Ave. South, Nashville 3, TN - Joe Nichols (Brent Rowan [gt], Bryan Sutton [gt/mandolin], Jerry Douglas [dobro], Chris Thile [mandolin], Dan Dugmore [steel], David Hungate [bass], Shannon Forrest/Vinnie Colaiuta [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle],Tim Lauer [accordion/Wurlitzer piano/Fender Rhodes piano/harmonium/organ/Mellotron/keyboards], Gordon Mote [piano] + Harry Stinson, Vince Gill, Wes Hightower [bck vcl]. Producer: Brent Rowan)
011 THE IMPOSSIBLE Universal South 088-172241-7/088 170 285-2 B0015198-02
012 JOE'S PLACE Universal South 088 170 285-2
013 BROKENHEARTSVILLE Universal South 088 170 285-2 B0015198-02
014 SHE ONLY SMOKES WHEN SHE DRINKS Universal South B0000157-21/088 170 285-2
015 EVERYTHING'S A THING Universal South 088 170 285-2
016 THAT WOULD BE HER Universal South 088 170 285-2
017 COOL TO BE A FOOL Universal South 088 170 285-2 B0015198-02
018 CAN'T HOLD A HALO TO YOU Universal South 088-172241-7/088 170 285-2
019 YOU CAN'T BREAK THE FALL Universal South 088 170 285-2
020 YOU AIN'T HEARD NOTHIN' YET Universal South 088 170 285-2
021 LIFE DON'T HAVE TO MEAN NOTHIN' AT ALL Universal South 088 170 285-2
022 MAN WITH A MEMORY Universal South 088 170 285-2
2003 [sessions for Livin', Lovin', Losin': Songs Of The Louvin Brothers] Nashville, TN – Rhonda Vincent, Joe Nichols
023 CASH ON THE BARREL HEAD Universal South B0000458-02
ca January/February 2004 Ocean Way, Nashville, TN/Emerald Sound Studio, Nashville, TN/EMI Studios, Nashville, TN/Tin Ear, Nashville, TN/The Cabin, Steamboat Springs, CO - Joe Nichols (Brent Rowan [gt/12-str gt], Bryan Sutton [gt], Dan Dugmore [steel], David Hungate [bass instrumen], Shannon Forest [drums], Gordon Mote [piano/synthesizer], Tim Lauer [Fender Rhodes piano], Eric Darken [percussion] + Wes Hightower [bck vcl]. Producer: Brent Rowan)
024 THE SHADE Universal South B0003216-21/B0002514-02
025 SINGER IN A BAND Universal South B0002514-02 .
026 DON'T RUIN IT FOR THE REST OF US Universal South B0002514-02 .
027 I WISH THAT WASN'T ALL Universal South B0002514-02 .
028 IF I EVER GET HER BACK Universal South B0002514-02 .
029 IF NOBODY BELIEVED IN YOU Universal South B0003216-21/B0002514-02 .
030 FAREWELL PARTY Universal South B0002514-02 .
031 THINGS LIKE THAT (THESE DAYS) Universal South B0002514-02 .
032 REVELATION Universal South B0002514-02 .
033 WHAT'S A GUY GOTTA DO Universal South B0002514-02 B0015198-02
034 NO TIME TO CRY Universal South B0002514-02
ca May 2004 Cantee Studios, Nashville, ZN - Joe Nichols (Bryan Sutton [ac gt], Brent Rowan [el g], David Hungate [double bass], Shannon Forest [drums], Jim Hoke [harmonica], Gordon Mote [piano] + Wes Hightower [bck vcl]. Producer: Brent Rowan)
035 LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! Universal South B0002588-02
036 AWAY IN A MANGER Universal South B0002588-02 Word WD2-887317
037 I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Universal South B0002588-02
038 SILENT NIGHT Universal South B0002588-02
039 WHITE CHRISTMAS Universal South B0002588-02
040 SILVER BELLS Universal South B0002588-02
041 WINTER WONDERLAND Universal South B0002588-02
042 O HOLY NIGHT Universal South B0002588-02
044 THE CHRISTMAS SONG Universal South B0002588-02

2004 [sessions for Amazing Grace 3: A Country Salute to Gospel] unknown  - Joe Nichols
045 JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE Sparrow 7243 5 95556 2 1
2004 or 2005 Nashville, TN – Dolly Parton and Joe Nichols
ca May 2005 Nashville, TN - Joe Nichols (B. James Lowry [ac gt], Dan Dugmore [el gt/steel], Larry Paxton [bass gt], Shannon Forrest/Chad Cromwell [drums], Rob Hajacos/Stuart Duncan [fiddle], Randy McCormick [piano/Hammond b-3 organ] + Wes Hightower [bck vcl]. Producer: Todd Wilkes, Randy Edwards, Lee Ogle)
047 SIZE MATTERS (SOMEDAY) Universal South B0004796-02 B0015198-02
048 FREEDOM FEELS LIKE LONELY Universal South B0004796-02
049 TEQUILA MAKES HER CLOTHES FALL OFF Universal South B0004796-02 B0015198-02 [Fat Shan remix, feat/ Colt Ford] B0012989-02
050 TALK ME OUT OF TAMPA Universal South B0004796-02
051 THAT'S WHAT LOVE'LL GET YOU Universal South B0004796-02
052 I'LL WAIT FOR YOU Universal South B0004796-02 B0015198-02 [acoustic version:] digital single
053 SHOULD I COME HOME (OR SHOULD I GO CRAZY) Universal South B0004796-02
054 MY OLD FRIEND THE BLUES Universal South B0004796-02
055 AS COUNTRY AS SHE GETS Universal South B0004796-02
056 HONKY TONK GIRL Universal South B0004796-02
057 JUST A LITTLE MORE Universal South B0004796-02
2007 Nashville, TN - Joe Nichols (Lee Ann Womack [duet vcl -1], Brent Rowan [gt/Tic tac bass/Wurlitzer/horn arrangement/slide gt],mellotron/sitar/6 string bass/12 string gt/ piano/harmonium], J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Mac McAnally [gt], Bryan Sutton [ac gt/mandolin/mandocello], Paul Franklin [steel/dobro], John Hughey [steel guitar 067], David Hungate [bass gt/bass], Craig Young [bass gt 063,067], Shannon Forrest [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle/mandolin], Gordon Mote [piano/Wurlitzer/Fender Rhodes/B3 organ], Jim Hoke [horns 058] + Perry Coleman [058,060], Morgane Hayes, Wes Hightower [bck vcl])
058 REAL THINGS Universal South B0008888-02
059 ANOTHER SIDE OF YOU Universal South B0008888-02
060 WHO ARE YOU WHEN I'M NOT LOOKING Universal South B0008888-02
061 COMIN' BACK IN A CADILLAC Universal South B0008888-02
062 MY WHISKEY YEARS Universal South B0008888-02
063 IT AIN'T NO CRIME Universal South B0008888-02 B0015198-02
064 ALL GOOD THINGS Universal South B0008888-02
065 LET'S GET DRUNK AND FIGHT Universal South B0008888-02
066 AIN'T NOBODY GONNA TAKE THAT FROM ME Universal South B0008888-02
067 SHE'S ALL LADY Universal South B0008888-02
068 DIFFERENCE IS NIGHT AND DAY Universal South B0008888-02
069 ALL I NEED IS A HEART Universal South B0008888-02
070 IF I COULD ONLY FLY -1 Universal South B0008888-02
071 WHEN I'M HURTIN' Universal South B0008888-02
ca 2009 [live] unknown - Joe Nichols (Producer: Brent Rowan)
07101 LET'S GET DRUNK AND FIGHT Universal South B0012989-02
2009 Curb Studios, Nashville, TN/House Of Nadia, Nashville, TN/Ocean Way Nashville, Nashille, TN/Playground Recording, Nashville, TN/Starstruck Studios, Nashville, TN/Studio 44, Nashville, TN/The Sound Kitchen, Franklin, TN/Tracking Room, Nashville, TN - Joe Nichols (Producer: Brent Rowan)
072 GIMMIE THAT GIRL Universal South B0012989-02 B0015198-02
073 IT'S ME I'M WORRIED ABOUT Universal South B0012989-02
074 OLD THINGS NEW Universal South B0012989-02
075 MAN, WOMAN Universal South B0012989-02
076 BELIEVERS Universal South B0012989-02
077 CHEAPER THAN A SHRINK Universal South B0012989-02
078 THE SHAPE I'M IN Universal South B0012989-02 [radio edit:] B0015198-02
079 THIS BED'S TOO BIG Universal South B0012989-02
080 WE ALL GO HOME Universal South B0012989-02
081 AN OLD FRIEND OF MINE Universal South B0012989-02
2011 Ben's Studio, Nashville, TN/Blackbird Recording Studios, Nashville, TN/House of Nadia, Nashville, TN/Jane's Place Studio, ?/Oceanway Nashville, Nashville, TN/Short Elvis Studio, Nashville, TN/Sound Emporium,, Nashville, TN – Joe Nichols
082 TAKE IT OFF Universal B0015211-02
083 THE MORE I LOOK Universal B0015211-02
084 SOMEBODY S MAMA Universal B0015211-02
085 IT S ALL GOOD Universal B0015211-02
086 THIS OLE BOY Universal B0015211-02I
087 CAN T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Universal B0015211-02
088 NO TRUCK, NO BOAT, NO GIRL Universal B0015211-02
089 NEVER GONNA GET ENOUGH Universal B0015211-02
090 SHE S JUST LIKE THAT Universal B0015211-02
091 HOW I WANNA GO Universal B0015211-02
2013 The Insanery, ?/ The Monostary, ?/ Westwood Studios, ? – Joe Nichols (Joe Niochols [vcl],  Derek George [gt/ keyboards/ programming/bck vcl],  Mickey Jack Cones [gt/percussion/ bck vcl],  Kenny Greenberg [ac gt], Biff Watson [ac gt], Bryan Sutton [ac gt]  Pat Buchanan [el gt], Troy Lancaster [el gt], J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Brent Mason [el gt], Larry Franklin/ Aubrey Haynie [mandolin/ fiddle], Mike Johnson/ Paul Franklin/ Russ Pahl [steel], ? [bass], Lonnie Wilson/ Eddie Bayers [drums], Casey Wood [percussion/ programming],  Jenee' Fleener [fiddle], Steve Nathan [Hammond b-3 organ/ keyboards], Tony Harrell [keyboards], Jim Horn [sax], Scott Ducaj [trumpet], Charles Rose [trombone], Wes Hightower [bck vcl])

093 HARD TO BE COOL  Red Bow 76887
094 BABY YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH ME  Red Bow 76887 
095 YEAH  Red Bow 76887 
096 BILLY GRAHAM'S BIBLE  Red Bow 76887 538299902
098 GOTTA LOVE IT  Red Bow 76887
099 SUNNY AND 75  Red Bow 76887 
100 Y'ANT TO  Red Bow 76887
101 HEE HAW  Red Bow 76887 
102 LOVE HAS A WAY  Red Bow 76887
103 SMILE ON MINE  Red Bow 76887 
104 OPEN UP A CAN  Red Bow 76887 
106 FOOTLIGHTS  Red Bow 76887
107 CRICKETS  Red Bow 76887  
2017 unknown – Joe Nichols, *with Darren Knight
108 DIAMONDS MAKE BABIES Red Bow 538299902
109 GIRL IN THE SONG Red Bow 538299902
110 WE ALL CARRY SOMETHING Red Bow 538299902
111 I'D SING ABOUT YOU Red Bow 538299902
112 BREATHLESS Red Bow 538299902
113 TALL BOYS Red Bow 538299902
114 HOSTAGE Red Bow 538299902
115 NEVER GETS OLD Red Bow 538299902
116 SO YOU'RE SAYING Red Bow 538299902
117 THIS SIDE OF THE RIVER Red Bow 538299902
118 BABY GOT BACK* Red Bow 538299902  

Intersound 9197-2 Joe Nichols:
Leave The Past Behind; She Could Care Less; In Spite Of Myself; Six Of One, Half A Dozen (Of The Other); To Tell You The Truth I Lied; Independent Girl; I Hate The Way I Love You; Wal-Mart Parking Lot; Old Cheyenne; I'm Not That Kind Of Guy - 96 (reissued in 2002 on Row Music Group 8205 2005 Six Of One, Half A Dozen and on Aspirion 162 Early Years)
Universal South 088 170 285-2 Man With A Memory: The Impossible; Joe's Place; Brokenheartsville; She Only Smokes When She Drinks; Everything's A Thing; That Would Be Her; Cool To Be A Fool; Can't Hold A Halo To You; You Can't Break The Fall; You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet; Life Don't Have To Mean Nothin' At All; Man With A Memory - 23-07-02
Universal South B0002514-02 Revelations: The Shade; Singer In A Band;.Don't Ruin It For The Rest Of Us;.I Wish That Wasn't All;.If I Ever Get Her Back;.If Nobody Believed In You;.Farewell Party;.Things Like That (These Days);.Revelation;.What's A Guy Gotta Do; No Time To Cry - 29-06-04
Universal South B0002588-02 Traditional Christmas: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!; Away In A Manger; .I'll Be Home For Christmas; Silent Night; White Christmas; Silver Bells; Winter Wonderland; O Holy Night; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas; The Christmas Song - 28-09-04
Aspirion 162 Early Years: She Could Care Less; Six of One, Half a Dozen (Of the Other); Wal-Mart Parking Lot; To Tell You the Truth, I Lied; I Hate the Way I Love You; Independent Girl; In Spite of Myself; I'm Not That Kind of Guy; Old Cheyenne; Leave the Past Behind  + DVD: Six of One, Half a Dozen (Of the Other); Wal-Mart Parking Lot; To Tell You the Truth, I Lied; I Hate the Way I Love You; (Untitled Track) – 04-10-05
Universal South B0004796-02 III: Size Matters (Someday); Freedom Feels Like Lonely; Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off; Talk Me Out Of Tampa; That's What Love'll Get You; I'll Wait For You; Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy); My Old Friend The Blues; As Country As She Gets; Honky Tonk Girl; Just A Little More - 25-10-05
Universal South B0008888-02 Real Things: Real Things; Another Side Of You; Who Are You When I'm Not Looking; Comin' Back In A Cadillac; My Whiskey Years; It Ain't No Crime; All Good Things; Let's Get Drunk And Fight; Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me; She's All Lady; Difference Is Night And Day; All I Need Is A Heart; If I Could Only Fly (w.Lee Ann Womack); When I'm Hurtin' - 21-08-07
Universal South B0012989-02 Old Things New: Gimmie That Girl; It's Me I'm Worried About; Old Things New; Man, Woman; Believers; Cheaper Than a Shrink; The Shape I'm In; This Bed's Too Big; We All Go Home; An Old Friend of Mine; Let's Get Drunk and Fight [live];Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off [remix] - 26-10-09
Show Dog Nashville B0015198-02 Greatest Hits: Gimmie That Girl;  Shape I'm In; Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off; Brokenheartsville;  Size Matters;  Impossible; What's A Guy Gotta Do; It Ain't No Crime; Cool To Be A Fool; I'll Wait For You – 25-01-11
Universal  South B0015211-02 It’s All Good: Take It Off; The More I Look; Somebody s Mama; It s All Good; This Ole Boy;I Can t Take My Eyes Off You;No Truck, No Boat, No Girl;Never Gonna Get Enough; She s Just Like That; How I Wanna Go – 08-11-11
Red Bow 76887 Crickets: Just Let Me Fall In Love With You; Hard to Be Cool; Baby You're In Love With Me; Yeah; Billy Graham's Bible; Better Than Beautiful; Gotta love it; Sunny and 75; Y'ant To; Hee Haw; Love Has a Way; Smile On Mine; Open Up a Can; Old School Country Song; Footlights; Crickets – 08-10-13

Red Bow 538299902 Never Gets Old: Diamonds Make Babies; Girl in the Song; We All Carry Something; I'd Sing About You; Breathless; Tall Boys; Hostage; Never Gets Old; Billy Graham's Bible; So You're Saying; This Side of the River; Baby Got Back (feat. Darren Knight) – 27-07-17

Intersound (1998)
9147 Wal-Mart Parking Lot Social Club - 02-06-98 (cassette single)
Universal South (2002-)
088-172241-7 Impossible / Can't Hold A Halo To You - 14-05-02
B0000157-21 She Only Smokes When She Drinks / ? - 05-03
B0003216-21 If Nobody Believed In You / The Shade - 27-07-04
B0004796-02 Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off / Size Matters - 05

Vernon Glen

By Praguefrank

1960s unknown – Vernon Glen,*with Ann Taylor (with Kay Arnold Singers [-1]. Producer: Buster Goss, Gary Walker)
001 ADIOS M’AMOR -1 Wizard 223
1966 unknown – Vernon Glen (Producer: Vernon Glen)
003 ARIZONA JACK Sims 268

Adios Mi’Amor / How Can Anyone Be Sad – 6-
268 Arizona Jack / Looks Like I'm Gonna Fight Again - 66